Demos Phaon Anagnos

Lawyer in Thousand Oaks, 93160

Demos Phaon Anagnos is a California licensed lawyer in Thousand Oaks, California, 93160 area.

Demos Phaon Anagnos graduated from law school at Whittier Coll School of Law and has an undergraduate degree from Univ of California at Los Angeles. He/she was admitted to The State Bar of California on 6/14/1982.

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Office Location

The offices of Demos Phaon Anagnos, Attorney at Law, is located at 811 Paseo Del Robledo, Thousand Oaks, CA 93160.

Lawyer Profile

- Address: 811 Paseo Del Robledo, Thousand Oaks, CA 93160
- Law School: Whittier Coll School of Law
- Date of State Bar Admission: 6/14/1982
- Telephone: (805) 499-6464
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